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How our approach to Digital Transformation improved student outcomes, student & staff experience.

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We specialise in developing analytics models and putting smart back in Education Administration Systems. Ready to start?


Academic Programme Analytics - Space, Time, Money, and Resources.

What trade-off should you make between long-term and short-term goals?

Our diagnostics will reveal.


Academic Programme Systems Architecture.

Aligning Senate Policies & Strategy with the right business rules, controls, processes and an enabling tech infrastructure.


Academic Programme Modernisation

Moving to e-Learning or other programme delivery methods requires re-alignment, scaling and reviewing tech, staff capabilities and the type of students you have.


Student and Staff Experience

The key to achieving desired outcomes. From optimising business processes to modernising technology to better deliver value.


A few, select projects. Don't see your problem? Contact us and find out how we'll solve yours.

Risk Plan and Reporting.Defining, scoring and formulating a plan for senior management to manage Academic Operations Risk.
Academic Structure Re-alignment.The Academic Structure is a central component of Higher Education administration system. It sets all the key business rules for managing the entire business of a University.

Re-alignment of the Academic Structure was key to freeing the ERP of legacy challenges that were affecting agility and service provisioning.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Documentation and definition of Service Level (SLA) parameters with support services.Documentation support. The project required documentation of key business processes, and identifying the level of service to be provided by support services to ensure higher student and staff experience.
Academic Resource Allocation Model and Plan.Development of a Financial model for equitably defining budgeting parameters to both support core programmes are adequately resourced
Academic Leadership Strategic Job Descptions and Performance Plans.Development of Job Descriptions that align with Strategic Requirements of the incumbent and linking with operations key activities.
Student Enrollment Planning.5 year student enrollment plan. Done by reviewing space, time and resources available to the institution.
Academic Staff Workload Optimisation.What is that the real picture on academic staff workloads (time spent lecturing, tutorials, labs, research, community development, developing learning content, etc.) is not always fully understood?

Improving staff workload requires insight into how academic workload affects the staff experience, and in turn impacts student outcomes. A re-engineering effort needs buy-in from both staff and the administrators.
Sustainability, Viability and Cross-subsidisation of academic programmes.Viability of Academic Programmes needs to be assessed beyond pure accounting profit. In order to understand viability, a University needs to understand and optimise student enrolment per programme with existing capacity and other key constraints. 
Academic Programme MappingAnalysis of Academic Qualifications and identifying bottlenecks, and areas where academic support needs to be deployed.
Accreditation Documentation SupportDeveloping analyses and documentation for programme accreditation purposes.
Student Recruitment Developing quotas for student recruitment for specified disciplines and development of the marketing programme for each type
Student Housing and Accommodation AnalysesDeveloping performance criteria for assessing student accommodation and identifying viable and workable options for accommodation by reviewing space requirements and student requirements.
Academic Department Operational PlansDefining operational requirements for space, equipment, resources, technology and workforce capabilities.
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